Book Haul: October 18, 2015

011Today was quite eventful book wise! I went to Barnes & Noble with a group of friends to find Spinning Starlight by R.C. Lewis, which I’ve been waiting for a while now. Well, like always, when I go into a bookstore I rarely leave with just one book. I left the store with six books…It would have been more if my friends didn’t remind me that I have a huge stack of books already and that I was a poor college kid. So I did put a few back, but still got a majority of them! And yes, the picture does have a tiny pumpkin with vampire teeth, my roommate made it for the apartment. And no, we are not sick, just a little bit twisted around Halloween time!

001Speaking of Halloween…I also found The Nightmare Before Christmas written and illustrated by Tim Burton. The book also came with a DVD of Christopher Lee (may he brighten up the Heavens) reading the original poem by Tim Burton. In a few words the DVD was eerily beautiful. Christopher Lee did a wonderful job.

We also went to help find our friend, an international student from China at our university, some books to read because she wants to improve her English. I absolutely died when they asked for my help; I love to help people, especially when they want to find books to read! I would have lent her some of my books, but she’s more interested in Science magazines and the original fairy tales, which I unfortunately don’t have at school with me. So she ended up finding some cool non-fiction books about animals and a collection of National Geographic topics, and I was also able to talk her into getting a collection of Greek Myths that were also illustrated.

006When our international friend found the Greek Myths I found a lot of classic books and fairy tales, with beautiful shiny covers and their classic illustrations. I wanted to get a few more, but I was talked out of it and encouraged to get them later!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! What have you found so far this month?

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