Book Haul!


Heyo, everybody! I hope the weekend has been fabulous for everyone reading, I know mine has been pretty nice, even with the rain rolling in as I type this. So my parents decided to come visit me this weekend and they brought a few Barnes and Noble coupons. You know what that means? They decided to help me with my ever growing addiction to books, aren’t they just the best? Anyways, listed in this photo are all the books I got at Barnes and Noble with them, there’s a few newer releases and also some older ones that have been marked down a bunch, so BONUS!

Shown here are (in order, left to right):

  • The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tam
  • The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani
  • Horimiya (Vol. 1) by HeroXDaisule Hagiwara
  • The Anatomy of Curiosity by Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton, and Brenna Yovanoff
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (Vol 1-2-3) by Hiromu Arakawa
  • Besieged (Book 1 of the Outcast Chronicles) by Rowena Cory Daniells
  • Bright Lights, Dark Nights by Stephen Emond


After I bid my parents farewell after breakfast I went to the store to find some odd, but much needed, things. While I was there I found this comic that I saw last weekend when I went to visit my boyfriend. When I first saw it, I didn’t bother picking it up. However, when I saw it today I decided to look through and give it a try. Let’s just say, it flew into my basket for more reasons than the marked down price…

When I figure out how I’m going to review comics, graphic novels, and manga, this will be one of the first that I’ll review! And yes, that is a tiny plush wampa that was at one time a Burger King kids toy.

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