Notice: Temporary Hiatus

Hello everyone!

I am terribly sorry to inform anyone reading this that I am currently on hiatus. I have only a week and a half before I start finals, so that means all of my professors are assigning last minute homework-boo! Most of my free time has been eaten away by final projects and studying and will continue to dwindle as the semester comes to a close. Any free time that I do have is spent cleaning, eating, sleeping, and packing because I’m leaving university housing after this semester…yay! Anyways, I probably won’t have any reviews posted until after I get home after the first week in May. Until then, I won’t be posting anything but I will still accept book review requests that appear in my email, just be aware that the list is rather long now and I won’t get a start on it until my summer officially begins. I hope to read during this hiatus, but I can’t even promise myself that! To anyone else who is taking their exams now or soon: Good Luck! And I will be posting again in May! 🙂

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