Manga Review: The Seven Deadly Sins (vol. 3)

The Seven Deadly Sins vol3Details:

Title: The Seven Deadly Sins (Vol. 3)

Chapters: 15-22, plus a bonus chapter!

Written by: Nakaba Suzuki

Artist: Nakaba Suzuki

Translation/Adaptation: Christine Dashiell

Lettering: James Dashiell

Publisher:  Kodansha Comics

Published: July 8th 2014

Pages: 192

Genre: Manga, Historical-Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Young Adult



Inside the Baste Prison, Meliodas and gang finally find Ban, a daring and brash member of The Seven Deadly Sins. However, trouble is on the horizon as their journey continues. Another member of The Seven Deadly Sins appears! The heroes clash as a feud is revived from their past!

Overall Thoughts/Opinions:


And the series just gets better and better as our heroes’ cast list continues to grow! Elizabeth and Meliodas as characters continue to grow and develop as the new members join the quest and interact with them. It was so nice to see a bond start to form between Diane and Elizabeth, and it’s always interesting, and usually funny, to see Ban and Meliodas interact together. However, my favorite interactions actually come from Ban and Hawk, which are hysterical and absolutely adorable!

The action from the previous volume comes to an end within the beginning of volume three. However, the action doesn’t stay quiet for long. There is a short reprieve that has a lot of character development individually, the most for Ban, and as a group. Also, if you look hard enough, you’ll actually see some major story development happening at this time as well. The break doesn’t last for long, and soon our heroes are dancing with danger again. The action sequences are rather interesting, especially since our heroes abilities really start to take shape in this volume. Readers will definitely start to understand the Sins’ various strengths and weaknesses, and how they fight together. The fights in this volume I found to be really intense, but interesting and unique as well.

This volume also has some Holy Knight character designs with some info for those individuals. There’s also a bonus chapter that shows some character development, but it’s mostly just a cute little side story that didn’t fit the main flow of the story.

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