January in Books

Hello everyone, and welcome to the January Wrap-up! This month has been a rather interesting start to 2017, to say the least, and I’d like to say it was rather productive for Of Books and Pen. For those of you who are new or haven’t been around for a while I’ve added some new things to the blog. I’m happy to announce that I have a co-blogger with me now, my friend Jill! She’s a lover of books just as I am and has done a wonderful job so far reviewing books. We will try to diversify our reviewing selection more, such as reviewing more manga, comics, or more of the various genres out there. We’re both working hard at our day jobs and so the reviews will come as quickly as our free time will allow.

For any author reading, I am hoping to post more author interviews and more guest posts. I will write you an interview whether or not I’ve read your book, so that you can get some publicity even without a review. As for the guest post, if you have some already written you can shoot them my way, if not I will try to provide a wide range topics that you may enjoy writing about.

Book Hauls:

dsc_0200I have an important PSA: For anyone looking to buy books for cheap, GO TO OLLIE’S BARGAIN OUTLET! I got seven books, four of which were hardcovers, there for less than 20$. They have a ton of books there, multiples of more popular books, and they’re all in pretty good condition too. So if you want to buy a new book but don’t want to spend too much, then please save your money and go to Ollie’s. Seriously, when I went to the one near me I thought I died and went to heaven and my wallet wept for joy.

I also got a few books from Target when we went out for other stuff. Honestly, I need to stop walking by the book section. Once I start walking past those shelves I swear (not really) that I hear little muffled voices call out “Pick me up! Buy me!”.dsc_0201

mms_img14447598761Earlier this month B&N also had a pretty cool sale going on, in which every third manga you bought was free. So Jill and I bought an insane amount of manga for a lot less than we would normally. Jill bought 9 of the Fruit Basket’s big volumes, and those were pretty heavy, while I can’t remember what all I bought. Hopefully, B&N will have more sales like this in the future because there are tons of manga that I am behind on!

Books Reviewed:

temptation-of-dragons rebel-of-the-sands kimi-ni-todoke-vol1 soft-on-the-devil chis-sweet-home-part-1 the-golden-spider 3 kyle-evans-is-shit


What’s Next?

In February we’re going to try and get more reviews out weekly, though depending on time it may be a lot of Manga reviews in between book reviews. We will also be going to Farpoint, a convention in Maryland the weekend of the 17th.  There we will work as volunteers for the con and hopefully try and help small time authors as best as we can.

What have you guys bought or read this month?

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