Manga Review: The Seven Deadly Sins (vol. 6)


Title: The Seven Deadly Sins (Vol. 6)

Chapters: 38-46, plus a bonus story (broken up into three parts)!

Written by: Nakaba Suzuki

Artist: Nakaba Suzuki

Translation/Adaptation: Christine Dashiell

Lettering: James Dashiell

Publisher:  Kodansha Comics

Published: January 13, 2015

Pages: 200

Genre: Manga, Historical-Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Young Adult, Romance


Blast from the Past!

Howzer whips up a huge storm in an attempt to defeat Diane, but even a human-sized giant can stand strong against the fiercest tempests. In the next match, Meliodas faces Cain, who conjures terrifying fire magic while also leveling fiery accusations at Meliodas about his rumored involvement in the destruction of Danafell. How will Meliodas respond? Can he take the punishment for his alleged sins?

Overall Thoughts/Opinions:


Volume 6 brings an end to the fighting festival with an interesting turn of events. The action doesn’t slow in between transitions, instead it picks up rather quickly. Griamore still has his ever changing body size, though the muscles don’t get too drastically large this time around he looks a lot better with his helmet on. In this volume you get to see more into Meliodas’s past and you’ll start asking more questions about his character. There’s also a bit of character development for the team in general as they start asking the same questions that the readers are.

As a whole, this volume is rather explosive with activity and new character development. There’s more action and fighting sequences than there are major plot points, if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It’s rather interesting to see how the Holy Knights differ in not only abilities, and where they get their strength, but also in ideology. You get to see the beginning of just how different the two fractions are. Overall, the fighting sequences are great, though there is one character that frustrate me. So far this manga has done a great job with the armor of the knights, making them appear more logical than others of the genre, however, there is one character with rather impractical armor and it more sexual than anything. I mean seriously, why would you allow your breasts to be exposed when a sword can easily stab through your chest and kill you?!

Warning: If you read this volume you must have the next one in hand because the cliffhanger is quite a doozy!

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