Book Review: Zucchini’s Zany Life

zucchinis-zany-lifeNote: We were given a free copy of this book in exchange for and honest review, which reads as follows:


Title: Zucchini’s Zany Life

Author: Marilla Mulwane

Publisher: CreateSpace

Release Date: November 25, 2016

Genre: Children’s Nonfiction

Pages: 72


This is the story of the house duck named Zucchini who steals hearts and provides the dearest bond anyone could experience. Ever thought about having a duck as a pet? I don’t mean an outdoor duck in a pen or that wanders around your pond. I mean a duck that lives in the house with you, sleeps with you, eats with you, plays with you. If you never have considered it, you just might once you’ve read about Zucchini.

If you have considered having a house duck, then this book will teach you everything you need to know to keep your duck happy and healthy. Learn useful information such as:
-How to set up a duck cage
-What to feed your duck
-How to diaper your duck at all ages of life
-How to bond with your duck
-How to keep your duck healthy and illnesses to watch out for
-How to clip wings
-How to train your duck (It’s possible!) and much more!

All this information is interspersed with fun tales and pictures of Zucchini’s zany life!

My First Thoughts:

Nonfiction is normally not really my thing, but the author sent me a picture of Zucchini that was just too cute! I fell and love with this little duck and had to read about her. Who knows, maybe someday I’d like to own a pet duck?

Overall Thoughts/Opinion:

Nonfiction is not a genre I find myself gravitating toward or that I get very excited about. However, I found this book to be informative and cute. I loved getting to read the stories about the author’s pet duck, Zucchini, and I found the information presented in a way that was child-appropriate and mostly easy to understand. I feel that there were things included in this book, like how to make a diaper for your pet duck, that I probably wouldn’t find in most other how-to care for a duck books (if there  even are some?). I appreciated how the author and her duck have a relationship where the Zucchini spends most of her time out of her cage, because I feel like most kids would want that kind of relationship with their pets and most duck-raising books are probably more directed to farmed or caged ducks (although, I genuinely don’t know, having never researched how to care for a pet duck!)

I learned a lot reading this book, but there are some things, like potential health issues, that I feel were a little glossed over because of the target age range. That’s fine, but I would want to consult more books before I actually took the step toward owning a pet duck. Most of the author’s resources seem to be from personal experience, but that colors her writing and leads to instructions that are a little unclear and rambling.

Final Thoughts:

I feel like this would be an excellent book to present to a child (at least 9 years old) if they express interest in having a pet duck. It covers the fun parts of owning a duck, but it also talks about the parts that aren’t fun, like pooping, illness, and nesting. However, the several guides in the book for building or creating things for your duck are a little hard to follow sometimes and I wish that there was a list of other resources that could be used to supplement the adult-in-charge’s education about taking on the responsibility of a pet duck.



Like I said, I believe that this is an excellent book to give a child that is considering a pet duck so they can learn about how to take care of it. It has a lot of good information and fun stories to keep a kid entertained as they learn about their new responsibility. However, as a worry-wart adult, I would want to consult other books as well, and I wish that there was a list of additional resources somewhere in the book.

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