Author Interview with Patrice M. Foster

Info about the author:

Patrice Foster’s life is just simple nothing much.  I am just enjoying myself getting to know my kids more each day.


Patrice Foster is the author of Molding my Own Destiny. It’s a memoir that talks about her life in Jamaica, moving to the United States, and fighting her way to the top. Her journey was a long, dark path, but by the end she was able to make something of herself. You can read the review of her inspiration story here. I highly recommend it to people looking for inspirational stories, but be warned, the book contains mentions of things like abandonment and rape.


You’ve mentioned that you’ve had many jobs over the years and I was curious, what’s your current job? Are you still working with nurses or are you taking a break from everything?

A nurse

It seems like you’ve been working on Molding my Own Destiny, but just how long have you worked on this book?

For a long time since I was a teenager. IN 2009 I resign from my government job with a small pension $10,000 I decided this was the time to write my book. Found a ghostwriter who I taught would help. Send my entire old journal, tape; notes written on paper towels to the person won’t disclose name.  My only request for the lady was for her to interview my mother before she died.  Two week in the project she made a major move to another state bought a house, then it was not having babysitter to watch the kids. I was nice and patient pause the job because frankly I did not have any more money. But it was bothering me how come we have not make progress we still on chapter one of the book. 2010 kept in contact when ask to restart the project was haunting me in my gut I felt that her interest was not to finish the story. Spend another year asking her to release me from the contract after several years the box OF ALL MY LIFE was SEND BACK with a few chapters done. By now my mother was fighting breast cancer she was in remission.  It took me a couple more years to decide what to do. Getting another ghostwriter was not an option. Thoughts of given up did cross my mind. In the end I decided to write my story myself. Years passed and watch my mother health going down   I decided to write my story …I was racing against time. Long story short she died 2 days before the book came out.

I’ve mentioned this before in the review, but your life has been rather dark and depressing, and I find it remarkable that you’ve been able to do so much with your life. Reading your memoir has really opened my eyes and allowed me to see that no matter what, I can persevere if I put my mind to it. Is that why you decided to tell the story of your life, to inspire young people to continue fighting even if they’re in terrible situations?

Yes my life was dark as you say; I want young people or anyone who is struggling, who may have giving up on life.  Life is not going to be easy and they have to believe, have a little faith. Going through hardship won’t be easy how I survive is keep moving forward, never look back, Laugh more and hold no grudges. This made me a better person now I can say that.

You’ve mentioned a lot of dark memories including false imprisonment, abandonment, and rape. Was it difficult for you to write about those dark moments in your life? What was your biggest motivator for this book, something that helped you get passed the dark memories?

This book is so painful for me to read. I wanted to do audiobook but I was too emotional in the end I chose someone else coming soon.  I want the people to know I am still working on healing from with in. I have a great tolerant for pain, rejection but I am better able to ignore certain things.  The motivation was for my kids. I did not feel I was a good mother.  I was not capable of love giving it.  I was unavailable, a work alcoholic, trying to fill that empty void…Running away from myself.

I really liked the cover of your book; it was unique and appeared to be symbolic. Would you like to explain the cover?  

The dirty shoes represent my days on the street, feeling soil. Also symbolic of a person who felt scorn, abuse, dirty, rejected, depressed (darkness), ugly, lonely, unloved, bitter, angry empty, just feeling loss. The flower is symbolic of faith, hope, and being positive, my little light of happiness.   

What was it like trying to get your book published? Did you try finding a publisher first or did you decide to just publish it yourself from the beginning?

I just self-publish because I was racing against time wanted my mother to read the book. She saw the cover that’s about it. I did not want to look for a publisher they would change a lot and take forever to publish.

While your memoir can be dark, there were some moments that seemed genuinely happy to you. Which memory was your favorite? What was your favorite part about writing Molding my Own Destiny?

When my brothers, sisters and I was together playing cricket in Jamaica.

Most authors have an acknowledgements page dictating who helped and what not. I was curious if anyone helped you during this whole process, during writing and publishing. Is there anyone you want to thank, anyone that should you the most support?

I want to thank Clarissa Yeo in Singapore my book cover designer who I can always count on to bring my idea to live just the way I want it to be. 

Are you thinking about being a full time author? Or maybe writing any other books, nonfiction or fiction? If so, got any ideas you want to share with readers?

I am thinking about continuing writing short story. The books I have written are on amazon. Short but the message is the same.  New book “Everything I Never told you: A Mother’s confession” dedicate to my kids all mothers can relate.

Do you have any suggestions for anyone wanting to get into writing?

I am still learning, making mistakes, I would say keep writing in your journal and don’t forget to always use a professional editor.

If you had to give one piece of advice, to anyone, what would it be? Or better yet, what was the one thing you wanted someone to tell you when you were younger, or a young mother, going through school, etc.?

Believe in yourself I would say. But as I thought more about this question the adult in my life I wish they new I wanted unconditional love.  Maybe then I would have learned earlier to love myself than trying to find love in all the wrong places.

This question is more about fun and I’ve heard many people ask it of guest authors and actors at conventions everywhere. So I’m curious as to what you have to say. If you could choose any time in history, past or present, where would you go and why? You can be as detailed as you want or sweet and simple!

My dream is to learn to ride a bike so lol, I guess the year a kid gets her first tricycle …but now they have them for the big girls.

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