Comic Review: Steven Universe (2017-) #2


Title: Steven Universe (2017- )

Issue: 2

Publisher: kaboom!

Creator: Rebecca Sugar

Writer: Melanie Gillman

Illustrator: Katy Farina

Colors: Whitney Cogar

Letters: Mike Fiorentino

Released Date: March 22, 2017


Art: 5/5

Story: 5/5

Overall: 5

I loved this issue! Where do I even begin?

The art was fantastic, like before, but a little better. I loved the dresses that Stevonnie and Kiki tried on in the shop, they were so outlandish but reminded me of the prom dresses that I saw in high school. My favorite of the art was the backgrounds and the characters around the main cast. There’s so many little things in the background that fans of the show should recognize and geek out about. The dance scene was my favorite, just because of how unique each of the teenagers were drawn. It made me giddy just looking at each of the dancers, trying to figure out their stories from their designs. Even though they never speak and you see them once, how they’re drawn really fleshed out who those kids were individually.

The story was really nice and I really wish I could see this as an episode. It was nice to see the little nods to the show, like the movie they were going to see was the fantasy book they read in the show, and Pearl’s suit from when they went to Empire City. I really enjoyed seeing more of Kiki, she’s treated well in the show but she never got a lot of screen time, so it was interesting to learn more about her and her character. I loved this story because it dealt with the issue of how to react to someone, that you don’t have a romantic interest in, who asks you out. Sometimes I accidentally give people the wrong impression and I always feel bad after they express a very different interest than me; it was always challenging for me to let them down easy but still preserve the friendship. This story deals with that problem and comes up with a realistic thought process to come up with a solution. I loved how Steven and Connie worked the problem out together, making sure to keep their best interests in mind but also taking care not to hurt the other person. It was a powerful message to read and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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