Anthology Review: The Funnel Tube (Chilling Horror Short Stories)

Title: The Leather Funnel (Chilling Horror Short Stories)

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

Genre: Short Story, Horror, Paranormal, Historical-fiction

Pages:  8 (109-116)


The Leather Funnel wasn’t quite what I was I expecting. At first I thought I might come across another story entirely driven by conversation, except this time you could read both characters’ actions and reactions. However, the meat of the story is told within a dream and it is described like something happening on a stage. Mainly this story deals with questions regarding dreams and objects with intense emotion surrounding them. The more frightening elements of the story, at least for me, are of certain archaic actions described in some detail. For those who love history, The Leather Funnel may intrigue you because it includes a fictional depiction of Madeleine d’Aubray, Madame de Brinvilliers, a convicted murder from France. I personally had to look up the history behind the woman, and when I did the things described in the short story were made all the more gruesome.

The story for the most part is well written. There are a few awkward transitions in which the author knew the direction he wanted to go, but not quite sure how to get there. The language is a bit dated, which is to be expected since it was originally published in 1922. Doyle properly introduces the two main characters in the beginning, though some of their exchanged dialogue read a little strangely and I wasn’t sure if it was done purposely or not.



Overall, The Leather Funnel was an excellent read with a fantastic concept! I would recommend this to any history lover or French history buff. I would also recommend this to anyone who is fascinated with dreams or old forms of torture. Nothing is too graphically explained within this short story, it actually stops before the real events take place so there’s no strong depiction of what happens. However, it is hinted at strongly as to what will happen and it may be strong enough to disturb some people, so read at your own risk.

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