Short Story Review: The Grey Woman (Chilling Horror Short Stories)

Title: The Grey Woman (Chilling Horror Short Stories)

Author: Elizabeth Gaskell

Genre: Short Story, Horror, Gothic

Pages: 32 (162-193)


Again, this was another short story that I just could not bring myself to finish and I honestly don’t know why. Originally published in 1865, this story is written in what is now considered to be old English. Most people nowadays may not like this kind of writing style, especially since it can take some time to decipher, but I found that for the most part it was much easier to understand than some of the previous short stories that I’ve read in this selection. The author even did a wonderful job varying the lengths of her sentences and paragraphs, steering away from the long winded passages that have made other stories dull and tedious to read. I will say though that it takes a while for the story to really go anywhere.

First few pages are spent with characters that you think will be the main ones, but then it turns out that they’re actually reading the story of The Grey Woman’s protagonist. So it’s a story about a story of a woman that’s being read aloud by other people that have no relation or connection to this woman−thrilling. From what I could tell, the first third of the story is setting up the style of storytelling and some background for our true main character. All of that is fine, if it didn’t take at least ten pages to do. And within the first ten pages you gain no insight as to what the story idea is, other than a mousy German woman unenthusiastically marrying a French dandy. I can’t really comment more on this story because I couldn’t go beyond the second third, and yes, it was divided into three parts.


Did not finish. So I can’t actually give this a rating, but I can give a list as to why I couldn’t finish.

  • Could have been because it was just too damn long to be a short story. I believe that anything more than 25 pages in a novella, which means it’s a very long short story and could actually be published on its own.
  • After ten pages I’m still not completely sure what it going on. Is the story spooky? Is it a paranormal? Murder mystery? Thriller? I don’t know!
  • I tried, I really did to pick this one up so many times but I never did get very far before my attention span burned away.
  • Also, it’s a story about a few nondescript characters reading aloud the story of another woman, who’s written her tale for a specific person who was still a bit of a mystery ten pages in.

All in all, I had to give this one up so that I could continue on to the other stories. Maybe sometime later I’ll try tackling this one again.

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