Manga Review: That Wolf-Boy is Mine! (vol.1)


Title: That Wolf-Boy is Mine! (Vol. 1)

Chapters: 1-4

Written by: Yoko Nogiri

Artist:  Yoko Nogiri

Translation/Adaptation: Alethea and Athena Nibley

Publisher:  Kodansha Comics

Published:  August 16, 2016

Pages: 160

Genre: Manga, Shojo, Supernatural, Comedy, Romance



After some traumatic experiences, Komugi Kusunoki transferred from the city to start a new life in rural Hokkaido. But on her first day of school, the school heartthrob Yū Ōgami blurts out, “You smell good!” Despite the hijinks, Komugi tries to adjust to her new school, but it’s not long before she stumbles across Yū dozing off under a tree. When she attempts to wake him up, he transformed…into a wolf?! It turns out that Yū is one of many other eccentric boys in her class year–and she’s the only one who knows their secret!

What I First Thought:

The other day I went to Barnes and Noble to kill time before a movie. I perused the manga section looking for more volumes of some of my other series that I haven’t finished yet when this one caught my eye. To my knowledge, there aren’t a lot of werewolf-esque stories in manga so I picked it up. The premise of the story seemed interesting and cute enough that I decided to buy it, especially since I needed something a bit light hearted to help cure my current mood.

Overall Thoughts/Opinions:


I normally don’t buy into a new series without doing a little bit of research into it first, so I rarely buy manga on a whim. I’m glad that I didn’t wait to buy this one because it was exactly what I needed! It’s a cute little story about a new city-girl who goes to live with her dad in the country while her mom is away. At the new school, she stumbles upon the secret of some of her classmates and it becomes a story of said students becoming friends with the girl to keep her quiet. It’s a cute little story with sprinklings of lore that I’m sure will become more prominent as the story continues. There were some comedic elements thrown in that made me giggle, but nothing gut splitting yet. The romance so far is a bit light, though I feel like some of it was forced or a little unnatural by the end of this volume, which messed up the flow of the story for me. The characters are pretty likable at the start, though I feel like Komugi is a little weak at the moment but I hope her character improves once we see more of her past so I can better understand her fears. Really, my only complaint was the ending because it felt weird to me, too rushed and unnatural, but oh well! I’m really glad that I bought all four volumes, because I really want to read what happens next!

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