Manga Review: That Wolf-Boy is Mine! (vol.2)




Komugi, the new girl at school, has sworn to protect the secret of Yū’s lupine identity. But in the midst of their growing friendship, she blurts out a startling confession−one that could upset her relationship with Yū, his crew, and even the delicate balance between humans and spirits. Meanwhile, Yū’s sharp, sly friend Rin takes matters into his own hands and tries to speak some sense into Komugi. It’s not long before he realize that this strange human girl just might be growing on him too!



Overall Thoughts/Opinions:


So what I thought would be a cute and funny little story might be getting a lot deeper than I ever expected. The plot thickens as a new ‘forbidden love’ theme gets added to the story, but so far this theme may play out a little differently than in other stories. A new character shows up that answers some questions while asking a really important one that gets both Komugi and the readers thinking!

Lord, I feel like the drama in this story is going to kill me−but in a good way. The drama isn’t insane or soap opera level, it’s a nice healthy dose that you can find in just about anyone’s life from time to time. I’m a little disappointed that there seems to be some hefty time leaps, like a leap of a few weeks at a time, because I feel like you miss some of the little bonding moments between some of the characters. That’s not to say that the bonding moments in this volume aren’t fantastic, I love them a lot, I’m just used to longer mangas I guess that love to fill the pages with little moments. The comedy in this one is nothing profound, just cute little moments that make you chuckle for a moment. The drama isn’t too terrible, making this story still a bit lighthearted and easy to read. I can’t wait to read the next volume and see what happens next!


Title: That Wolf-Boy is Mine! (Vol. 2)

Chapters: 5-8

Written by: Yoko Nogiri

Artist:  Yoko Nogiri

Translation/Adaptation: Alethea and Athena Nibley

Publisher:  Kodansha Comics

Published:  November 1st, 2016

Pages: 160

Genre: Manga, Shojo, Supernatural, Comedy, Romance

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