Manga Review: That Wolf-Boy is Mine! (vol.3)




After Rin shares some profound insights with Komgi about her crush, she learns it’s easier to bottle up her feelings for the wolf-boy, Yū. As Komugi gets to really know Rin the fox, his cold exterior slowly melts away−and Yū can’t help but be concerned. In order to let someone new into his heart, Yū struggles to confront his emotional trauma from the past. But by the time Yū realizes his true emotions, something unthinkable has happened to Komugi…

Overall Thoughts/Opinions:


Oh my Lord, in heaven! That cliffhanger was really mean, like if I didn’t have the fourth volume already I would be screaming like a mad woman to the closest bookstore to buy it. If you can’t tell, the drama has really shot up in this volume and particularly near the end of it when a lot more of the plot is revealed. And the drama is getting so intense, but not in an uncomfortable way. Instead, I feel more like I’m about to fall out of my seat from sitting to close to the edge. I don’t normally like love triangles, mostly because they’re never done properly, but I really like how the love triangle is being used in this story. Unfortunately, I think the couple that I prefer isn’t going to happen….sigh, oh well!

Anyways, I feel like Komugi has come more to life in this volume but I still don’t think of her as a very present character. It’s really weird, I like her but I feel she’s still a bit watered down compared to the other characters in the story. Sometimes I feel like her two best friends have more of a presence than she does, but I digress.

The comedy, like before was good for a few chuckles in between some really heavy drama. Aoshi, the tanuki, is probably my favorite character because he’s the comic relief and such an instigator of a lot of the drama. Well, if you’d please excuse me, I have to devour the next volume before I die from that cliffhanger. Seriously, though if you haven’t read this volume yet buy it with volume four or you will regret it!!!


Title: That Wolf-Boy is Mine! (Vol. 3)

Chapters: 9-13

Written by: Yoko Nogiri

Artist:  Yoko Nogiri

Translation/Adaptation: Alethea and Athena Nibley

Publisher:  Kodansha Comics

Published:  January 10th, 2017

Pages: 176

Genre: Manga, Shojo, Supernatural, Comedy, Romance

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