Manga Review: That Wolf-Boy is Mine! (vol.4)




Just as Komugi and Yū’s feelings begin to reach one another, Komugi is confronted by Yata-sensei. Afterwards, she’s not the same, and drifts through her everyday life while Yū can only watch over her from afar. But…in the depths of Komugi’s memory, a familiar voice calls for her. Can the bonds she’s built with Yū and the gang overcome the sensei’s powers? And what will the future bring for the animal spirits living in Komugi’s world?

Overall Thoughts/Opinions:


The ending was bitter sweet to me. It was sweet because this story ends on a happy note. But it’s bitter because I felt like there was still more to tell and I felt like the mangaka took the easy way out of the situation they created. I’m also disappointed, with how the last volume ended I thought that there would be a lot more gut-wrenching drama that would make me squirm in my seat. Instead, it felt like it flat lined between the end of volume 3 to the first page of volume 4. Everything was too convenient in a way that made it seem unrealistic. I know, that’s kinda stupid sounding for someone to say about a story of supernatural qualities, but everything else about the story should be as realistic as possible so that the reader doesn’t get pulled out of the story for a minor/major discrepancy in the reality you’ve created. At least for me, when a story already has weird elements if reality, for instance the laws of nature, doesn’t function properly it pulls me out of the story and from my experience is mostly due to author laziness more than anything. That’s it, the ending to this story felt lazy and too rushed which also made it feel inorganic, like the mangaka meant to do more but couldn’t.

I think my favorite part of this volume is the bonus story at the end. It’s a cute, but sad story from Senri’s past that really explains his character. After reading it, I feel like his character has more depth than any of the other’s in this story, which is a shame because he didn’t get much attention in the main story!

Note: Expect a review of the series as a whole soon!


Title: That Wolf-Boy is Mine! (Vol. 4)

Chapters: 14-final chapter, plus a bonus story

Written by: Yoko Nogiri

Artist:  Yoko Nogiri

Translation/Adaptation: Alethea and Athena Nibley

Publisher:  Kodansha Comics

Published:  March 21st, 2017

Pages: 180

Genre: Manga, Shojo, Supernatural, Comedy, Romance

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