Manga Review: The Seven Deadly Sins (vol.8)




The seal is broken, and Gowther, the Sin of Lust, is revealed! The ruthless, elite Holy Knights known as the Roars of Dawn have tracked down the mysterious Armor Giant. They seem to have it cornered, but it hides a hair-raising secret! When they learn the truth, the Sins are befuddled, and the princess doubles her resolve! What decision has Meliodas made about the memories entrusted to him? When the countdown to the destruction of their world begins, the Sins rush back to the kingdom. The fuse is lit on the decisive battle!

Overall Thoughts/Opinions:


This volume contains the conclusion of Gowthar’s first appearance and the start of the final stretch of the first arc. Secrets and dastardly plans are revealed in between intense action sequences. Buckle up boys and girls, cuz this roller coaster is speeding up and won’t stop until the end!

In the beginning, we get to see into some of Meliodas’s past and more into his character. Then during the last bit of Gowthar’s appearance there’s a nice moment between Meliodas and Elizabeth. Honestly, I wish that there were more of these moments and a little less action, but alas I don’t think that’ll really happen. At the end of the battle with the Armor Giant we see some into Gowthar’s personality. It seems like his character is going to be a rocky one and that there will be tons of room for growth. After a nice little drunk bonding session we immediately get thrown into the next round of fights that will eventually lead to the final battle of this arc. Everyone converges on the capital and bodies begin to fly, and at the very end we get introduced to King Arthur and his mysterious companion. At the very end is a nice little bonus short story centered around Gowthar, which adds a little fluff to his character and serves as a nice little break before punches really start swinging. If you haven’t picked this volume up yet then get this one and the next two, because this final sequences of battles will span the next few volumes and I’m sure will be super intense!


Title: The Seven Deadly Sins (Vol. 8)

Chapters: 55-62, plus a bonus story

Written by: Nakaba Suzuki

Artist: Nakaba Suzuki

Translation/Adaptation: Christine Dashiell

Lettering: James Dashiell

Publisher:  Kodansha Comics

Published: May 26th, 2015

Pages: 192

Genre: Manga, Historical-Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Young Adult, Romance

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