Comic Review: Moonstruck (1.1)


A NEW ONGOING SERIES from Lumberjanes creator GRACE ELLIS and talented newcomer SHAE BEAGLE that tells a story of monsters, romance, and magical hijinks! The first arc also includes an additional short story with artist KATE LETH!

Fantasy creatures are living typical, unremarkable lives alongside humans, and barista Julie strives to be the most unremarkable of all. Normal job, normal almost-girlfriend, normal…werewolf transformations that happen when she gets upset? Yikes!

But all bets are off when she and her centaur best friend Chet find themselves in the middle of a magical conspiracy. Will Julie and Chet be able to save their friends? Is Julie’s dogged determination to be normal a lost cause? Who’s going to watch the coffee shop while our heroes are out saving the world?? These questions and more will be answered in MOONSTRUCK!

What I First Thought:

I picked this issue up on a whim. Some of the stuff that I’ve been reading has been either a little lack-luster or super intense, and this story looked like it would be more laid back than the others. I also love reading stories that use mythological creatures in a more everyday setting, it really adds a special kinda life to the story.


Art: 5/5

The art is very soft, from the colors to the line work, and I love it! I’ve noticed that a lot of comics seem to have very hard defining colors, a lot of them make for beautiful scenes but they seem to always want to POP! out of the page. For this series, I really doubt that art style would fit the overall tone so I’m really happy that the overall look of the panels are very soft, but still bright and eye-catching. I also love the character designs; they’re each so unique in style and shape. Not only do we have all sorts of fantastical creatures but also varying body types for the more human looking characters and realistic models for the more supernatural-looking characters! It’s weird to fixate on body types, but I like to read stories sometimes that can show me all kinds of different people and make them all seem normal—even though in this case none of the characters are what we would consider ‘normal’.

Story: 5/5

Like most first issues, this one has the main focus on setting up the characters and the world they live in. So this issue is full of cute, or not so cute, moments between the characters that give you a quick summation of the characters. Each character appears to be different, and not just in style but in personality as well.

Overall: 5

I’m really excited that I bought the next issue when I picked up this one, because I can’t wait to see where this story goes. If you want more diverse characters and love, then look no further because you’ll find it here! There is diversity in body type (not just oooo! he has hooves or he’s part bull), race, and sexual orientation. So far there is a confirmed lesbian relationship, for those of you interested in some cute, awkward F/F love that isn’t just a side note but the main attraction!



Title: Moonstruck

Issue: 1


Writer: Grace Ellis

Illustrator: Shae Beagle

Colors: Caitlin Quirk/Shae Beagle

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Released Date: July 19th, 2017

Pages: 31

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance, LGBT+

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