Manga Review: Yona of the Dawn vol.9


Princess Yona lives an ideal life as the only princess of her kingdom. Doted on by her father, the king, and protected by her faithful guard Hak, she cherishes the time spent with the man she loves, Su-won. But everything changes on her 16th birthday when tragedy strikes her family!

Zeno, the Yellow Dragon, joins Yona’s party, and now the Four Dragons are finally assembled! Yona and her friends head to Yun’s birthplace—the land of the Fire Tribe. The people in the area not only have to deal with famine, but are forced into poverty by heavy taxes. What measures will Yona and her friends take to protect the town from oppressive government officials?



Volume 9 is an odd volume when it comes to passing because it spends most of the time laying down the ground work for the next arc, which it appears will spend a good number of chapters in the land o the Fire Tribe. What’s a girl to do when she has the extraordinary might of four legendary warriors and an experienced war general? Yona can’t take over the kingdom, especially not in the way Su-Won did, because she knows that wouldn’t make her any better than him. So she goes for the next best thing, helping the forgotten people of the kingdom, the ones who suffered under her father’s lax rule.

This new role that she takes up is helped by her nurtured protective behavior towards those who can’t protect themselves, it also helps her to grow as an individual more as well. In this volume one of the main focuses is Sinha’s development as a character and a dragon warrior, which I hope leads to him excepting more of himself and his power. There’s also a bit of development in the relationship between him and Yona, not so much on the romantic front but in a generally supportive platonic sense. No, there’s definitely some more romantic tension between Yona and Hak, especially as Yona continues to push him to teach her how to fight using a sword. Except for those two main focuses, it appears that this volume is mostly setting up Yona and company’s new protective role over the kingdom as The Dark Dragon and the Hungary Family. And I also hope that it sets up some character development for Tae-Jun, the young Fire Lord from one of the earlier volumes when Hak and Yona fell off the cliff.

Overall, it’s a fun volume with various switches in tone. There are times when it’s just too adorable for words, but those are often followed by moments of real serious danger. I didn’t feel like the shift in tones really hindered the story, it just showed how their life as fugitives helping the bottom rung people will be. The one thing I do want to complain about is the lack of new information on Zeno, our newest addition! I want to know more about him and he didn’t really get an introduction arc like the others!!!


Title: Yona of the Dawn (Vol. 9)

Chapters: 48-53

Written by: Mizuho Kusanagi

Artist:  Mizuho Kusanagi

Translation/Adaptation: JN Produtions / Ysabet Reinhardt MacFarlane

Publisher:  VIZ Media LLC

Published:  December 5th, 2017

Pages: 192

Genre: Manga, Shojo, Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Romance


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