Inkett’s Writing Contest


Hello everyone!

Jill and I are happy to announce our first sponsored writing contest, Inkitt’s Novel Writing Contest!

How does the contest work?

socialAuthors can upload their books to Inkitt’s website for free. Yes, for free, no participant fee or anything! As soon as the novel is submitted the authors instantly gain access to a wide variety of readers. The novels that become the most popular among Inkitt’s readers will win the Novel Writing Contest. To enter the contest, authors must not have any works on Inkitt before. All novels must be more than 20k words and be written in English. No fanfiction or short-story collections allowed, but all genres are welcome! You have until the end of March to enter the contest, however, the sooner you submit the higher your chances are at winning.

What do authors win?

The winning authors receive an amazing deal with Inkitt, including a professional cover design and editing. Inkett will run a marketing campaign that will get authors onto Amazon’s Top 100 on the day of the book’s launch. They will also invest at least $6000 into the launch of the winning books and authors will receive 25% of the royalties.

If you’re interested in entering the contest or want to read up more on it, you can do so here!


The Midnight Glass Book Trailer

Along with the review request I was asked to upload a book trailer for The Midnight Glass.  Since I enjoyed reading the book I thought that I would help the author and small publishing house with advertising!

Book Trailer:

If you’ve been intrigued by my review  and the book trailer, please check out this book by D.T. Vaughn! I find that it’s very important to support self published authors or authors of small publishing houses because they don’t have the same resources as HarperCollins, Harlequin, etc. If you wish to support the author you can find his book on Amazon, where you can buy a paperback or an eBook.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!