The blog’s recent hiatus was not intentional, and it was rather unexpected for the both of us. The late spring and all of summer has been quite busy for Jill and me. Jill has been trying to get ready for her new job and other major life changes, while I have had to deal with three family deaths, lengthy cross country travelling, finishing up my final semester, graduating, and then moving out of my apartment and to a different state. To say that we’ve both been too busy to read is an understatement.

I cannot speak for Jill entirely, but I can say for myself that with all the stress and chaos from these past few months I’ve lost a lot of interest in reading in general. Thankfully, I’ve slowly picked it back up again and I’m taking my time going through a few works currently. However, it’s been a slow process and I don’t know how long it will take to get back into the full swing of things.

We will try to get back to everyone who has sent us review requests and we will of course still be open for new requests. However, turnaround will likely not be fast. We will try to continue diversifying our reading selections and content. If any author/publisher wants to send us information about writing contests or book giveaways please feel free to reach out to us. If any author wants to do an interview, guest post, or spotlight entry, again please reach out to us. Our main goal for the blog is to broaden the libraries of our readers through reviews and introducing new authors.

Up next, we will be doing a new type of review format. For the Halloween season, (I know I’m starting early. So sue me), we will be reviewing a few anthologies to match the mood. Every day we will publish reviews of the individual short stories, because each of them is very different and by different authors, and at the end of the month we will do a large review for the whole anthology. We’re trying an experiment, so any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


We’re terribly sorry for this hiatus and we’re hoping to get back into the swing of things soon!


Inkett’s Writing Contest


Hello everyone!

Jill and I are happy to announce our first sponsored writing contest, Inkitt’s Novel Writing Contest!

How does the contest work?

socialAuthors can upload their books to Inkitt’s website for free. Yes, for free, no participant fee or anything! As soon as the novel is submitted the authors instantly gain access to a wide variety of readers. The novels that become the most popular among Inkitt’s readers will win the Novel Writing Contest. To enter the contest, authors must not have any works on Inkitt before. All novels must be more than 20k words and be written in English. No fanfiction or short-story collections allowed, but all genres are welcome! You have until the end of March to enter the contest, however, the sooner you submit the higher your chances are at winning.

What do authors win?

The winning authors receive an amazing deal with Inkitt, including a professional cover design and editing. Inkett will run a marketing campaign that will get authors onto Amazon’s Top 100 on the day of the book’s launch. They will also invest at least $6000 into the launch of the winning books and authors will receive 25% of the royalties.

If you’re interested in entering the contest or want to read up more on it, you can do so here!

What’s New in 2017

Hello everybody, and welcome to 2017!

I just wanted to take a few moments to let everyone know about my plan for this blog in the coming year. First, I will like to announce that a new reviewer, Jill Mardesich, will be joining me on this blog! She is a good friend of mine who loves to read just as much as I do, and she has agreed to help me review more books for this year. For any authors, if you want her to review your work, just email me the request and I’ll pass it on. In general, she has agreed to review any of the work that I am unwilling to review or don’t have the time for, along with her favorite books.

Second, in general this year I hope to review more books, and have a wider selection of reviews for you to read. I plan on reviewing more comics and manga in between author requests, along with reading more children’s and middle reader books.

This is my last year of college, so please bear with me as free time may become a bit sparse. Hopefully, with Jill on board this blog will become a little livelier. I hope everyone enjoys this year!

Good luck and may the odds be in your favor.

Notice: Temporary Hiatus

Hello everyone!

I am terribly sorry to inform anyone reading this that I am currently on hiatus. I have only a week and a half before I start finals, so that means all of my professors are assigning last minute homework-boo! Most of my free time has been eaten away by final projects and studying and will continue to dwindle as the semester comes to a close. Any free time that I do have is spent cleaning, eating, sleeping, and packing because I’m leaving university housing after this semester…yay! Anyways, I probably won’t have any reviews posted until after I get home after the first week in May. Until then, I won’t be posting anything but I will still accept book review requests that appear in my email, just be aware that the list is rather long now and I won’t get a start on it until my summer officially begins. I hope to read during this hiatus, but I can’t even promise myself that! To anyone else who is taking their exams now or soon: Good Luck! And I will be posting again in May! 🙂

Temporary Hiatus


Some of you are looking at the title and wondering what is going on! Well, first I would like to apologizes for my inactivity this week. I’ve had to write a lengthy scientific paper on GPR lines and local geology history for one of my classes on top of revising two other scientific papers, one of which I am taking a break from to write this. Fortunately, my fall semester is coming to an end next week. Unfortunately, I have a few more assignments to finish up and four different science exams to study for this weekend and the beginning of next week. And yes, my motivation to do any of these things is running super low, but oh well!

With all that being said, second, I would like to announce that I won’t be able to post anything until after my exams are over next week. I’m terribly sorry, but my grades come first, even before books…However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be reading in between killer study (cram) sessions! So hopefully I will be able to get the two reviews that I owe for the books that I read at the end of November after my last exam, write the November wrap-up, and start reviewing the books I have planned to read this month.

Third, speaking of the books I plan to read, this month will be full of Star Wars and fairy tale retellings! There may also be a non-book related post about the newest Star Wars movie after I see it…What can I say? I grew up with the original trilogy! Also, I will be coming up with a review outline for manga, comics, and other graphic novels so that I can do some expanding.

Well, that’s about it! If any of you are also in the last leg of your semester, I wish you the best of luck.

Ta-taaaa for now!

P.S. I may have used this as an excuse to put off working on my last paper for a little but longer…