Mission and Setup

My mission, as a blogger, is to read and review any fiction book that I can get my hands on. The reviews will be honest, but completely of my own opinion and should not be taken as fact. The books that I will review will come from any year; they will range anywhere between old to hot off the press. From what I see, most book bloggers focus on what’s new and that’s a shame. Why? Because there are gems from every year.  Just because I started blogging after they came out does not mean that they should be ignored. I also want to introduce people to books that they might have missed or were too young to read when they were first published; to introduce all kinds of books, old and new, well-known and soft spoken, from big name publishers and self-publishers, etc.


How will I handle this blog, you ask? I’ll post a few times a week to start out. Each Friday I’ll have some sort of news oriented post, like new releases, confirmed books/sequels, updated reading lists, etc. From there, I’ll post either on Sunday or Thursday. Thursdays will be either a book that I have read before (and reread before posting) or a book that wasn’t released in the current year. Sundays will be books that were released in the current year. Eventually, when I am more comfortable, I’ll expand my reviews to manga and other graphic novels.