Submission Policy

Hello, and welcome to the New Submission Policy page! Jill and I are happy that you’re visiting this page, even if you are not a book faerie in disguise. As noted on the About page, I am a college student working toward a Marine Science degree, and Jill is a teacher, so our free time for reading will vary throughout the year. We will put in our best effort to read requested review books as quickly as possible, but we understandably have some outside responsibilities that take priority. With that said, here are the new submission guidelines:

What we will read: Almost anything.

Whatever I am not interested in, Jill will most likely read, so we are able to accept almost any book for a review. I want to make Of Books and Pen as diverse as possible, so please feel free to submit queries for children’s books, middle readers, young adult, adult, etc. We will try to read a book from any category or genre!

We welcome queries about older releases too, even books that are several years old.  If you have any questions on whether or not we would accept your book for review, just ask! Trust me, we don’t bite.

What we WILL NOT read: Any book that reflects, criticizes, or mocks any sort of political group or figure.

We believe that people have the right to read what they like; it’s not up to us to decide what is or is not okay. With that said, many book blogger have gotten some pretty nasty backlash for reading, reviewing, or promoting books that were highly insensitive. We will not accept books written about groups of people in the purpose of mockery, or in a way that is highly offensive.  Jill and I want this blog to be as safe and friendly as possible.


If you want your book to be reviewed, please email me or message me on Goodreads first. Start up a conversation, don’t just send us your book without asking.

Review requests should include:

  1. Personalized greeting. (Nothing fancy; ‘Hey, Jessica and Jill’ will do fine)
  2. Title, page count, genres, release date, etc.
  3. A brief summary of the book. Please make sure the summary is written in the body of the message.  I know it may be a pain to have it all in the email, but it quickens the process of getting a response back to you. You can just copy and paste your summary from Goodreads if you’d like, but please make sure not to just send a link.

I try to respond within 48 hours. If you don’t hear from me within a week of sending, please email me again, as requests sometimes get lost or sent to the spam folder. I try to treat everyone with respect and that includes emailing them back even if it’s to reject their request.

If you want a review to be posted with the book’s release date, please give us a lead time of at least two months prior to that date. This allows us time to decide who will read your book so as to best fit it into our schedules.

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Mailing info for print editions is available upon request.